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November 23-24

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Welcome to 1st Rwanda Rehabilitation Conference 2023

Welcome to the 1st Rwanda Rehabilitation Conference 2023 which will take place from 23rd – 24th November 2023 in Kigali. We hope 1st Rwanda Rehabilitation Conference 2023 will provide a unique platform for us to collaborate, learn from each other, and advance our understanding of rehabilitation while offering various networking and publishing opportunities.

1st Rwanda Rehabilitation Conference 2023 is designed to gather academicians, clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders to share their knowledge and experiences, in order to increase collaboration and cooperation towards the development and betterment of rehabilitation in Rwanda health system.

We are especially interested in providing opportunities for rehabilitation professionals, stakeholders, and students in Rwanda to actively engage in this knowledge sharing, so that they can enhance their resources and networks.

With open arms and warm regards, we look forward to welcoming all of the 1st Rwanda Rehabilitation Conference 2023 attendees for a very special and rewarding meeting. Pleases join us to discover the latest trends, advancements and challenges in the field of rehabilitation at this leading conference and enjoy.

Assoc. Prof Jean Baptiste Sagahutu, PhD
Chair, Organizing Committee


"Rehabilitation in Rwanda Health System: Response for the 2030 call for action."


1. Emerging assistive technology
2. Provision of prosthesis and orthosis in Rwanda
3. Use of outcome measures in rehabilitation
4. Neuromuscular rehabilitation
5. Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
6. Psychiatric rehabilitation
7. Geriatric care
8. Pediatric rehabilitation
9. Community Based Rehabilitation/Community Based Inclusive Development
10. Interdisciplinary management in rehabilitation
11. Sports Rehabilitation
12. Cardiorespiratory
13. Rehabilitation in palliative care
14. Occupational Health and Safety
15. Digital Rehabilitation
16. Women’s Health

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